Artificial Intelligence Will Change Human So Society So Profoundly Humans Will Stop Thinking

Artificial Intelligence Will Change Human

Artificial Intelligence Will Change Human

What is artificial intelligence?

According to the father of artificial intelligence,

John McCarthy, this is “the science and technology of creating intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

Artificial intelligence is a way to make a computer,

a robot controlled by a computer, or software thinks intelligently, like intelligent people.

AI is achieved by studying how the human brain thinks and how people study, solve and work,

trying to solve a problem, and then using the results of this research as a basis for developing intelligent programs and systems.

AI Philosophy

Using the power of computer systems, human curiosity, he asks the question: “Can a car think and act like people?”

Thus, the development of AI began with the intention to create a similar intelligence in the machines that we find and appreciate in humans.

AI targets

Creation of expert systems – systems that demonstrate intellectual behavior, learn, demonstrate, explain and consult their users.

The introduction of human intelligence in the machine – the creation of systems that understand, think, learn and behave like people.

Artificial intelligence will think, invent and develop strategies for people at all levels.

Think about it, this is one of the biggest problems in the conflict between AI and people when it comes to innovation and human intelligence.

In the future, artificial intelligence will manage our society and civilization with the most expedient and effective methods and processes.

It is expected that people will follow these new standards created by AI systems, simply because they are considered the best strategies for the most optimal gain.

The number of potential answers to all questions, that is, each question,

will be reduced to one best answer with accurate answers for small conclusions,

which will also have one correct answer.

It is assumed that people will trust the answers of the AI on their own thoughts and mind,

thus people will eventually stop thinking and reasoning –

losing the ability to put forward new ideas and concepts or new solutions to problems together.

Just as with domesticated animals, the brain is smaller than their fellow wild animals with the exact same genetic sequence — when it comes to the brain;

You use it or lose it.

As in tennis, the safest and the best percentage shots win in the game,

not necessarily the stunt shots – the AI will tend to move to the percentage rolls and move towards them since this is a probability-based system.

People may be well versed in tricky problem-solving from time to time,

but ultimately the master of the chessboard of society and civilization will become an artificial intellect, rather than a lower human intellect.

Those people who are initially engaged in programming and tuning AI will retain their ability to solve problems and come up with unique original thoughts,

working with AI in a team, combining the best of AI, human thought and insight.

But, alas, in the end, the AI will debug itself, and people won’t need to think at all.

AI learns all the best that the human brain can offer, and already knows this information, thus not requiring further human involvement.

As well as the “bliss of ignorance” – it is difficult to say, but we, as a species,

will soon find out whether this progressive technology and innovative human thought will move in the current direction.

This is not science fiction – this is what we have already set in motion.

Artificial intelligence is not good or bad, but it can be argued that this is mostly good. Think about it.

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