7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

Do you have a new Alexa device? It can be Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Tap. The Amazon Echo has been acclaimed since its launch last year. It’s important to know the features of your new smart assistant. This is how you can exploit it for all its benefits and make full use of it.

Alexa, the virtual assistant of Les Echos, can do a lot of amazing things in order. Now, there are two ways to use it. You can either waste your valuable and productive time having fun with it or read the main benefits here.

Here we list the 7 best things to do with Amazon Echo.

1. Call your contacts

Amazon Echo brings traditional landlines back into the business. The wizard lets you call any number in your contact list. You can use your Alexa device to make a voice call to one of your contacts who also own this device. In addition, you can even leave a message if the person does not answer. Currently, the wizard does not offer any option to block specific numbers.

2. Take your meals and more

Echo is not limited to placing orders on Amazon. You can now use Alexa to order other items. It integrates Amazon’s two-hour daily delivery system. For the moment, the service is only available in certain cities and is valid for everyday items and other household items. However, there are cities where you can place an order for food and even alcohol.

3. Plan your day

This is undoubtedly the most important feature. Yes, Alexa can help you plan your day. How? The modern intelligent assistant informs you about the weather outside your home and the events taking place around the world. You can have a complete overview of the day and a brief recap of the news around you. In addition, you can also view your to-do list for the day. By using these features, you are able to plan and choose your clothes and events according to your schedule.

4. Make your home smarter

Amazon Echo can easily turn your home into a smart home. The Alexa is equipped with a smart home tool that allows you to master most of your smart home operations. So now, with Alexa, you can turn on and off your lights and even change the colors of your lights. In addition, you can change the temperature of your room according to your preferences. In addition, you can easily control all the door locks in your home. And that’s not all. Alexa can control everything that is smart in your home.

5. Read without reading

Alexa can help you “read” several books without having to read them. Alexa is another feature proposed in Alexa: “Audible”. He reads audiobooks for you while you are busy doing something else. The book stays in sync across different devices so you can start over where you left off last time. You can play or pause a book, move forward or back by 30 seconds, and even set a timer for play or pause.

6. Play your choice of music

Alexa can play almost any music or song you feel like. Although the default music player for Alexa is obviously the Amazon player, Amazon is not so stubborn. Alexa allows you to define your own music services such as Spotify or other similar applications. So just set your favorite music service as the default Alexa service and you’re ready to switch. Your assistant is smart enough to search and play your favorite music or song from his catalog.

7. do something

Alexa connects to many devices, but not to all. There are many devices that are not compatible with your smart assistant. But that does not mean you can not control them. You can train your assistant to do more. The feature that allows your Alexa to connect to unsupported apps, devices, and websites is called IFTTT. Although unsupported devices cannot be controlled using voice commands on the Alexa, you can still program your assistant for various tasks using IFTTT.

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