4 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

The mobile epidemic is spreading. Nowadays, there are more than 2 billion smartphone users active all over the world.

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

And all these people choose a smartphone as the most convenient device for most of their daily activities.

The possibilities of this market are unlimited and if you have not yet done anything to use them, it is time for you.

In this article, we’ll explore why a website is no longer an option for online retailing,

what benefits will you get if you create an appealing mobile app for retail and what features you need to include?

Your site is not enough

Ask yourself which device you use the most. Is it a PC or a phone?

I’m sure it’s a smartphone. Now, ask yourself what is easier to work with a mobile app or website using a mobile browser?

I think the answer is obvious. And we’re not the only people who have noticed the difference.

Here are some statistical facts are taken from the PR Newswire portal to demonstrate my point:

  •  App users surf 280% more objects than websites on mobile devices.
  • Mobile apps increase the percentage of goods added to the cart by 90% compared to mobile websites.
  • Mobile websites in the retail sector have a conversion rate of over 100% less than mobile apps.
  • The numbers clearly show that mobile apps work much better in areas such as increasing customer engagement and profits.
  • And yet one thing to consider, the Flurry Analytics portal has calculated that modern mobile users spend about 90% of the time working with apps and only 10% surfing.

See the statistics and you have to draw conclusions because your competitors do it.

Every day we receive thousands of mobile apps for retail sale and there are several reasons why business owners create them.

Benefits for businesses

All these phrases like “business improvement” and “profit increase” seem very confusing.

Let’s talk about the real benefits you will get after posting the retail app:

Increase in Sales.

It has been calculated that more than 85% of users who have installed a retail app use it regularly.

Almost 55% of these people made a purchase through the app last month.

Very promising statistics, right! Moreover, with the help of discounts, special offers and a loyalty program for mobile buyers, you can easily break these records.

For example, Alibaba, a popular discount online sales app, has gotten the most profit from mobile users: almost $ 25 per user per month!

Extinguish competitors.

This business if taught and the race is very intense.

Did you know that 60% of all business owners interviewed in the retail sector have confirmed that they are ready to start their own app development or have already released one?

Modern apps are very easy to use, have a much more intuitive interface than mobile websites,

and% 45 people who participated in the AYTM survey said they prefer to make purchases via a mobile app rather than a website.

It sounds like a lot of people, right? Do not give these customers the opportunity to choose another app.

Contact a mobile app development company and release your product faster than your competitors!

Build loyalty to the brand.

The recognition and loyalty of the brand represent a huge advantage for your company.

Many companies are trying to build their marketing campaigns in order to increase the popularity of their brand.

This is one of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs can create their own mobile app.

Improvement of the store experience.

It has been calculated that over 50% of customers can use both the mobile app and physical shopping.

This means that these notions are not mutually exclusive.

Also, you can help another. In this way, you can improve your store experience with the help of a mobile app.

For example, with a barcode scanning app, customers can get more information about a product and its peculiarities without pinging a staff member.

In addition, your customers can pre-order goods and pick them up whenever they want.

List of MVP functions

However, there are some features that are absolutely necessary for your mobile app. Here they are:

Convenient catalog

It must be a well organized and structured catalog to help users save time and nervousness.

Here’s a tip for you, use only high-quality photos and keep your catalog up-to-date.

Nothing drives customers crazy like an object you can see in the app but you can not buy because there are none.

A lot of filters Nowadays customers are very demanding and that’s why it would be useful to add more filters to the usual ones, such as size, color and so on.

Convenient payments

Add different payment options.

Not all people use only Visa or MasterCard. Several options entitle the user to choose.

It would also be nice if you added the total cost function to the cart so that the user can see if he has enough money or you need to exclude one or some.

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